Dark metaphysics–it’s “Crisis in Democracy (paper on internet by a professor). I know neurohermeneutics analytically. Abraham Boulder.

The Fallen is a group of doctors, not medical doctors administering medication and exchanging leadership personnel.

It is first of all not recommended that you tell corporately that you have mental illness unless you are requesting reasonable accommodation when it is impossible to do your job otherwise.

Sir Ken Robinson wrote “Out of your Mind” for status quo and elite leaders.

The meaning is to use “the unusual” or “different,” and yes, I’ll say it: “the mentally ill” whom in pragmatic terms lead themselves and possibly others to perspectives different from what exists now:  to good judgement and good judgements only when you consent or approve to their estimation.

In addition, really,  would be an altered state of consciousness is or is not hampering others with their illness.  Where learning and understanding occurs on both sides of health consumers and co-workers perspectives for enhanced analytical horizons.

And where some take drugs to experience other conscioussnesses.  But lose these unconsciousnesses when the drug wears off.

The ill is capable of being trained to respond more, react less and walk away from a prospective scene  psychoanalytically laden to victimize them in an instance of potential bullying.

Now discipline to “not do harm” by pointing fingers at people or subliminally, deiberately doing harm using emotional illness purposely by administering it to the unsuspecting in their subconsciousness without telling associates to discipline themselves to avoid potential “lethargic states” of the ill.

This is a common sense approach frequently experienced with the depressed.  Their problem should not become your problem.  But offensive remarks is inappropriate.

In both cases restraint in behavior can yield consciousness “annexing” to the strict norm with additional perspective or resources (different facets of a diamond, if you will) that provide consciousness or unconciousness information that literally leads to different associaions and paradigm shifts significant enough to actually solve nasty problems that don”t have adequate solutions otherwise.

Key here is “some neurochemical difference” that people have.  By trying to obtain consciousness annexation by using–drugs–the user typically loses the unconscious material as the drug wears off.  No profit, and now a drug user.

This can stop the behavioral pathway of taking drugs (illicit or not) to make “the difference” to solve a tough, persistent problem.

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Also, on an another matter, smart boxes in partial brain owners solves when possible daily functioning problems.

But if it gets tricky (by fancy footwork in algorythm use), you are vulnerable to inputs from some programmer somewhere (not the smartbox recipient); therefore, not holding the colleague responsible for his thoughts, actions, and the destiny of your company. Knowing someone calibrating the smartbox may hold the sway of your company’s future if he is not held accountable for smartbox’s recipient’s actions or decisions not made by the recipient.

Abraham Boulder.

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