Look at what has happened.

The old becomes dementiated, partly at first.

They take on more and more artificial parts. More and more, they need to become robots.

But as they slip away to digital land, they simultaneusly study humans in secret prisons in America itself.

What they are looking for is to humanize artificiality, which cannot be done.

Oh they’ll prod the very human, and become subhuman species through rot nourishment via sex with the dead.

But human they cannot be. And the more digital, the less likely to be human at all.

All for the global soviet. A human physiology of one-cell-like mudslime with no human brain or heart to speak of. Perfect for the soviet state, which is know-all and is-all.

Prodding, torturing, and killing American constituents with the desire to make them the new “expendables,” whom foreign citizens, in the past, were tortured repeatedly, previously over many years in Eastern Europe, the Baltic states, the Balkan states, and central Asia.

Now they want humans as guniea pigs. Now they want to make the precedent of maiming, torturing, and murdering actual Americans by those that may have Karl Rove’s professionalism while Mr. Rove slips away in an Arab kingdom where there is no freedom.

In a sense, they are wasting away, becoming physiologically present with no brain, no heart and self-identity that asks perpetually “who am I?” While awaiting patiently for numbers to fly by electronic chips and output from algorythms what are actually number switches or notches made.

And input numbers; an electronic or physical switch; a physical response mechanically while there exists only mental lack. Patience. Nothing.

Mental space. Mental and emotional death.

Abraham Boulder

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