1.1.1Attention to detail of horrendous acts by uncaring officials and pseudo-officials

What when people practice or meditate on Wicca for the downfall of the general population.  It’s soul searching.  It shouldn’t include lobotomies for renegades.  They are not, what literary editors call “rogue.” And if a rogue is apprehended and cooperative, it should not include a knife or laser cut to the man’s or woman’s brain. Wig-Wam putting test cases with lobotomies “striking it” with mental health consumers at a VA facility in Seattle. Only it’s PCB and his intense or very, very acute mental and emotional illness that does a show of the horrendous, the heinous, the abominable acts he commits. And does the person live that is acted upon at the VA?  It’s all too apparent. Search the physical five senses. It’s like a name ending with “sky” entertaining by heinously destroying the living for entertainment of a totalitarian art form.  Najinsky at the Russian ballet. Very sick.  Lacking respect for the living. Always talking and having sex with the dead.  Indulging in psychotic practices. Respect for the dead is tantamount.  Avoiding a Soviet circus is essential.  Striving for better mental heath is highly value-driven. Otherwise, horrendous acts. Now you know what Joseph Conrad had his main character say on a white yacht in the river Thames. He was talking of colonial Congo actions by the colonialists. What happen here happens to a female. A U.S. veteran. Is she okay?  We will determine that if abuses are curtailed and she is allowed independent living status again. “The horror.  The horror.” We need to end these abominations in terror. We need to free up our democracy! A republic “for the people, by the people” that is responsible for action. That we keep a wary eye on those who nonchalantly engage in terrible abuses.

Rogue piracy. Soviet Razpunksky. Mengele and Himmler Nazi death communication and sex. Mass victimization of non-participants.

Even “the horror, the horrot” for guests going into the white yacht cabin at times.

Abraham Boulder

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