This is the beginning

If universe has consciousness permeatting like entanglement, the essence of existence would be conscious identification. Do we supercede the universal essence which would be dismissing true north nature of our cosmic correct direction found in honest meditation and prayer.

OR, venturing out into our galaxy. Getting there by human species development through conquering fire once again (via fusion or sun energy) and developing a core sustainable economy utilizing demand of life enhancement products instead of living for death-focused extinction fate. Human command and AI tool only.

All resulting in homo sapiens brain development to homo sapiens sapiens and brain and corresponding heart development to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens. Destined for many more generations of human species to come.

God help those who need a helping hand and others who have an overabundance of goods and moral depravity rotting their souls thinking that a valueless society is modern when it is Anti-christ Nietzchian and the product of debauchery.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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