Are we considering the answer?

Maybe religion can be reinterpreted for generation-to-generation destiny of homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and homo sapiens sapiens sapiens sapiens.

And IQ shares space with EQ, AQ, affective intelligence with SQ, spiritual intelligence (values and meaning); and WQ, wisdom intelligence which: (1) is not a “sleeper,” (2) grabs you by the collar (when someone is coming up with wisdom intelligent
language) and shakes you “in your timbers” alerting you to the fact that this intelligence is not the wisdom of Solomon, or that of King David’s.

What it is and what it does is stop IQ thinking for a moment to consider an alternative possibility, answering the question of  how to have a paradigm shift in thinking (or mentality) that solves a problem from the previous paradigm that could not be solved while the problem was imprisoned in the mentality of the previous paradigm.

It takes us out of Sir Ken Robinson’s “Out of Your Mind” to squarely rest on the shoulders of those who have learned not to laugh at what, at first, seems absurd, rejected by most, but then when considered seriously looks more and more self-evident to solve the problem.

Abraham Boulder

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