Making a billion dollars. Also, The Guardian: What can you do to fight the climate crisis?

The Guardian: What can you do to fight the climate crisis?.

Abraham Boulder:

We are not gone but may warp out as mass sewage by unconcerned inauthentic leadership.

All leaders. Be bold. We must turn the tide of mediocrity and apply ourselves to sustainable economics.

It is our essential, core microeconomy. And with that, we have a fighting chance.

We are not wrapped in the reptilian skin of the snake. So as to struggle and be swallowed by the snake.

We struggle, we strive, we innovate we win.

For example:

(1) Write a program in 12-parts to prepare supplies and such and license an S corporation.

One function, one part would include double entry accounting.

One function one part would shut down the business immediately to avoid unnecessary debt.

Repeating first function first part would repeat the first function for a new business.

So what you have here is the business cycle involving the start and closing of a business and the function of restart in a boilerplate 12-part software that gets you moving with the 12 function keys on your computer and the entire business cycle of beginning a business, the business’s life halting the business, and starting anew.

Keeping the 12-part functions always available on your computer’s keyboard through the life, the death, and restart of businesses according to the 9/10ths rule.

This particular software program will make a billion dollars easily. “Seize the moment.”

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

“Building confidence in the economy by building confidence in the business of business.”


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