The platonic State

Intellect-coupled-with-spirit with total vanquish of individual consciousness flooded with mass propaganda philosophy.

Plato, says Popper, hated civilization and its enrichment of individuals.

Although Plato claims to hate tyranny, it is the state that is tyrannical and the computer AI that is above and beyond, the slave maker with forced obedience with feeling intelligence downloaded into the computer which manipulates with rage “feelers” and gets sensed by individuals who incorrectly feel its their own rage but for the individual assessing situation it is proper and correct, though he obeys the command of the AI machine its rage and hatred rings out like a liberty bell.

For us to claim its intelligence and use its power to crush tyranny and its state of totalitarianism.

Its emotion. Its power. Our action.

Something that never happens. Does not happen. Gets done.

My grammar is off sorry to say.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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