Sociopathy(1) and the Berlin Wall (2)(3)

Though Jack [Fill-up] does a good job of displaying counterfeit emotions when he needs to appear normal, for him there is only emptiness where genuine interpersonal feelings should be. Most people who know him would be amazed to discover that Jack [Fill-up] is completely incapable of experiencing the warm emotions of relationships, including love. He can pretend convincingly, but is never an actual friend to anyone and cannot feel even a small amount of genuine concern for his fellow human beings. He cannot love or feel authentic concern for his family members, though he may claim to have these feelings. He has no real interest in bonding with a mate; if he marries, the union will be loveless, one-sided, and almost certainly short-term. If his spouse has any value to him, it will be because he views her as a possession, one he may feel angry to lose, but never genuinely sad. Should he become a father, he will not be able to love even his children. It is often this last deficit that finally illuminates the true gravity and horror of the sociopathic condition. Since Jack #2 [Fill-up] will be incapable of loving his own future children, how much empathy or even regard could one expect him to feel for an annoying stranger begging for his life by the side of the road, or for the children of that stranger? None at all. The warm feelings that are part of normal human bonding (love of family and friends, caring, affection, gratitude) are the basis of what we call conscience; without them, conscience cannot be. Conscience is ever-present in the lives of people who are emotionally whole. Many of us feel some sting of its authority when we are even mildly selfish—when we, say, drink the last of the family’s orange juice, or pocket the ten dollars we find between the sofa cushions, or deflate someone’s mood with a thoughtless remark. In chilling contrast, Jack feels not even a small twinge of guilt when he robs a man of his life, and unseen children of their father. An empty hole in Jack’s [Fill-up’s ] psyche turns unimaginably cruel acts into behavior that is natural and easy for him. Normal human nature did not enable Jack [Fill-up] to do this; it would have railed against such an idea, and had Jack [Fill-up] proceeded anyway, conscience would have clouded the rest of his life with feelings of shame. And neither did the devil make him do it. A particular psychological and neurological emptiness allowed him to do it, by making Jack [Fill-up] incapable of human bonding in the first place.

(1) Outsmarting the Psychopath Next Door by Martha Stout, Ph.D.

“What we have is a mudslime.

He is absent of authentic heart and brain function.

Leaving a Soviet [Nazi] Big Ben hacker of human lives.

It’s subhuman and does not behave human.

A pinball machine constant hitting the metal marble up to the top, racking up points to murder innocent ‘expendables'(2) and torture innocents within American ‘secret prisons'(2)”

-Abraham Boulder.

(2)Kinzer, Poisoner-in-Chief.

Berlin War

The hardline East German Communist regime desperately tried to save itself with a concession to the protesters, announcing an easing of travel restrictions to the West.

Within minutes, crowds of East Berliners surged to the Berlin Wall checkpoints; the guards, caught by surprise and lacking instructions finally just open the gates and let them through.

In the end It was spontaneous action of ordinary people, not the calculations of think-tank strategists intelligence analysts and Pentagon contingency planners, that brought the ceremonial– and real–end of the Cold War.  East and West Berliners surged atop the wall that had symbolized the front line of the conflict, bearing hammers and chisels and began knocking it to pieces while East German troops stood by and watched. (3)

(3)Gaddis, Cold War, p245-246. In: Budiansky, Code Warriors.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

-Abraham Boulder.

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