Work.  Function & Dysfunction.

Tenured professors are digitized over state computers.  Well-established and old.  Mental degenercy from dementia can cause faulty dogma by unsound judgment.  It is excellent that their longevity is assured, for the most part and long tenure providential as “the old guard.” A closed book.  Distinguished for it’s worth, I’m sure.

New York State neurosurgeons may look to grunge up work in states of Colorado and Washington. They may conduct lobotomies with excuses like, “this patient has conscience,” or “this patient has rebel-spirit.”

Totalitarians from the extreme left and from extreme right think “state”.  Just like arts and science majors can learn rudiments of state existentialism as a learning experience in Sociology college-level courses.

However, let us be clear, there is a state behavioral degeneracy focused on torture pride and outlandish techniques novel for their anti-life (Aryan) culture, so energized with metaphor (or fundamental anti-building blocks) “anti-matter,” to “exist not” that its cause leads to the destruction of all existence” ultimately physics effect. Whether in finite time space or infinite time space.

And there is psychiatric decompensaton in group form aided by Soviet psychiatric circles which involve state non-existential, non-entity nightmares leaving great agony personally in group members and  group social imbalance (nazi, not “balanced Nasi”) that bewilders by the off-edginess and dysfunctional loading up on amphetamines or adrenaline beverages.

The biological agony from at-large group participation of dysfunctional mass group settings and off-your-seat bewilderment of pain is what Soviet (social) scientists call “state ultimate truth”.

I exist, says the state which is an old shell of a CPU.  You are worst off than nothing exclaims the mechanical dictator (AI quantum mobile and hard drive).  Not a AI tool. Not a human command. (Essential qualities for democracy republic).

Abraham Boulder. -Keven Young

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