The Big problem.

The Great Courses has a lecture serious on: “thinking different is good for you.”

And can help attain your financial goals.

It makes a statement that employees’ toolkits that are the same for all (let’s say Ivy League and the Big 12 graduates), therefore elite schooling and, assuredly, problem-solvers.

But really Big problems need much more variety in employees’ schooling to manage problem-solving to embrace businesses on the world stage.

Take Western Civilization, for example. Philosophically, having riga mortis and spreading a plague around the world, a new world civilization and world societies and local ecostates boldly step forward.

The Big problem I envision has to do with Greco-Roman foundation.

I think, and feel, we are more human than we think.

What I’m getting is it is imperative we develop a new paradigm that references Greco-Roman facts, but steers contemperaneously (presently) into a paradigm shift of altered thinking and altered modalities that satisfy better “the equation” of how to get from Locus A (year 2021) to Focus B (year 2027).

Let me stop here and insert thoughts on the strum of the guitar, harp, or lyre–all the same Cause A to Effect B. (Or, focus A to locus B, focus B to locus C, focus C to locus D, and so on

It may be very small, indeed!  Subsubparticles and quanta energy.  A feedback loop characterized by the strummimg of the harp or lyre.

Again, cause and effect of Locus A to Focus B, the Locus B to Focus C, and so on.

Thus sets of series of data points that start as waves of grain in parallel formations of cause and effect.  Resulting in feedbacks for activity at the singular cell level.

With the overlapping of parallel waves, feedback became complex, combinations became complex and biology developed complex arrangements that yield complex organs of organisms that began 2 billion years late the feedback loop– the universe’s intelligence was “hopelessly stunted” for that long.

Let’s be salmon and get to Focus B in 6 years using prayer for constructive effort, constructive achievement, and meeting literal deadlines that include delays that blockchain satisfy using computer savvy.

We can do it!

Abraham Boulder “Keven”

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