Under siege

Possible coup d’etat.

New world order outcome from opoid 10,000 times more potent than fenamen(?) that is 50 times more potent than heroin.

Homosexual rampage to destroy and rape constituents that keep a legally-defensible heterosexuality and shouldn’t be harassed or murdered.

Revised code of Washington State

Equal rights for honorable discharge (necessary to state)

Equal rights to religion.

Right to be white (equal rights)

Soviet abusing America after abusing Russia.

I’ve written on Soviet transforming to American Soviet Americanism (more in “how to conduct business and make adequate profit” for now and your next venture.)

Ideology can be messianic but impractical (read as “not profitable” and therefore not supporting life).

William James philosophizes with ideas practical in nature and leading to a more Calvinist culture (emphasizing blessings in profit–afterall it puts food on the table, can put clothing on your back, and God willing can pay for your habitat.)

Now, many of you come to America to stamp out genius in human nature.

So what is genius?

Genius is in American language definition of genius, that is: work skills–mental or physical, or both.

Genius of every man, and every woman, and every learning child is what keeps us alive!

Possibly flourishing. Possibly wealthy.

But I’ll say for those not aware of this, although I’ll get flack for sharing something both basic and fundamental: most jobs in the job market are small “mom and pop” shops or startups with no more than 50 people.

Your attitude matters. Your appearance matters. And your ability to learn matters.

So don’t give up on learning. Learn about businesses using references from the library (or college library) both with courteous requests to find kut what’s available, or what you can start your research with. And good luck!

Abraham Boulder

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