Meditating results: a different type of meditation.

Meditating on the importance of “value coherence” (what you, think, is important) keeps the objective focus on a 4-D (time-included) vision of winning–salient in a “psyche economy surplus,” common unconscious, for the Intersection of your private, personal unconscious’ internal space.

From this intersection of consciousness involving your: personal conscious, intuitively your private personal unconscious, and the general common unconscious (from, for example, imagining a field of men and women in a golf setting, or “golf buddies”)–this can cause the Medici effect in the meditator’s imagination.

Once it occurs, it is imperative that you write down the information relevant during this Medici effect while still imagining the “group encounter” before shaking off this meditative exercise and returning to your daily routine.

Collective unconsciousness of ESP experience is estimated to be 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3 percent of total unconscious material.

There really is a wealth of unconscious experience intuitively that focuses on a relationship between your personal, private unconscious and an imagined common unconscious. (The perception is intuitive by your personal, private conscious).

It makes up, it seems, 99.7% of meditative experience.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

-Abraham Boulder

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