Let me bend your ear for one minute. Good to know.

So there’s these Intel groups

And they operate just like “Poisoner’s in Chief.”

And two guys from the group forms a syndicate: has a blue print for murder.

They schmooze, they kill. One moment they’re saying, “Hi. How are you?”

The next minute they are pulling out their rod and icing the host.

Then they rear the Dead. First because they dishonor JudeoChristian burial ethical principle.

But because the Dead get off on the horrid sex and it loosens the fingers to get the rings off.

They burglarized place. They autotheft the driveway.

And they send the kids off. Not to the best schools they can afford–but, instead human trafficking slavery

Now the same guys, coming out of an Intel group, set this syndicate for profit I just mentioned to canvass the entire Puget Sound area.

So they’re making money.

But wait, it gets “better.”

These guys are from Intel. So the canvassing is an operation not only in your face, but in your surroundings.

Which means they can control your entire work environment.

Now you think you have it bad!


In comes the best part we got. The great of the great to fix this dirty dealing.

And the whole operation this syndicate is operating–by Intel–it turns out to be a set up.

You see when Intel see whose the smooth operator, they note the great in their respective file.

Once “great” in their file. They close the file and they–Intel–immediately ice their best.

So the government builds them up, They achieve remarkable–these great men. And the top of Intel knocks them off.

End of story.

It has to do with opposites.

Plato I think talks about opposites. And I know there’s something to this.

But the top has no truthful education. They take “opposites” and go to extremes with it.

So no one stays great. And they take things–Intel–back to Day 1.

When the syndicate set up was and continues to this day operating . . . for the Top.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.


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