A maniac for tyranny

End of days not seen as “adaptability.”

Whereby, in 400 to 600 years we’ll know what we are called. (Originally, Evret Ben evretim of Yisrael).

With democracy comes not just IQ, but EQ, AQ (affect intelligence as feelings involved with the white bouncing ball in sentence construction); SQ (spiritual intelligence, focused on “values coherent” and any practical meaning, and personal, local, and national remembrances; WQ (wisdom intelligence whereby what gets said doesn’t come from a anti-Hobbesian religious fanatic in civil affairs.

And what gets said has the weight of 250,000 years wherefore God, the Father from the World to Come breathed into homo sapiens, and created was his soul.)

What gets said fits the times for liberty to stand clear of regime assault when it is the private sector that creates the sustainable economy by work and literal deadlines.

Admittedly, infrastructure Keynesian economics as a part of government intervention for an everlasting (or, I hope, long-term) assist to the various populations in America is much needed and valid government act.

And homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens command and AI tool.

And economy that keeps human work for those that need the challenge of keeping busy for sustainable profit.

Abraham Boulder

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