Can we stand for this?!

Imprisoned by the government hired an individual whom rots in psychological, psychiatric, sociological, and economic behaviors.

Perhaps neurologically he is deficient to the point that he is a runaway AI robot crass, vulgar, and with no redeeming value.

A type of Kenmore vacuum cleaner  or dirtbag that needs elimination no matter the costs expended because we are arising at extreme human economic values in very large deficit figures arisen by vain, petty, disgusting, and perverted dominance within the U.S. government.

By 90 and 100 year cronies of uneducated Yiddish communist extremely aggressive homosexuals that are leaders in a pejorative death cult they hope to encompass the whole United States and world in.

They take our best agents, whom by achievement encompass our best shared American values and immediate assassinate them when their file hits their desk, saying, “this agent and patriot is truly great.”

Abraham Boulder.

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