▸ verb /(attribute something to)
regard something as belonging to, made, or being caused by:
he attributed his success to his parents’ unwavering support.

ascribe, assign, accredit, credit, put down, chalk up, pin on.
▸ noun /
1 a characteristic quality or feature:
she has the key attributes of any journalist.
2 an object that is traditionally associated with a person or thing:
the hourglass is an attribute of Father Time.


quality, characteristic, trait, feature, element, aspect, property, sign, hallmark, mark.

at·trib·ut·a·ble / adjective
at·tri·bu·tion / noun.
– ORIGIN Latin attribuere ‘assign to.’
See emblem

Oxford American dictionary

Creative processes bridging external with internal hermeneutics.

Two or three dimensions with imaginative creativity of human observing nano to subsubparticle dimension. And grave, with gravity exoplanet Earth-bound dimension.

Stripped of life, the Jew dances Najinsky in the Russian ballet.  Deadly Aryan.  Imbalanced Nazi.  From Soviet Utopia to Soviet pragmatisn–“American Soviet Americanism.”

Foremost a lightening bolt hitting a lightening rod to invigorate the human species’ backbone to face increasing biological toxins of industrial pollutants demanding critically clean, potable water.

A freedom of literary motif or design similar to Leviathan by Hobbes without Churches’ interference in “cleansing” the syntaxes of unruliness of the text.

And meaning?!

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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