6 dimensions

6 senses

3 d for spatial

4 d for time

5 d i linear Newton’s Law of Physics noun verb noun verb noun “thing affects by another [thing]” linearity large body motion proportional big bang noise harmonies? 5 d ii to 5 d i reduction strict control aggression physical war psyche economy deficit negativity aggression hate 5 d ii collapse to 5 d i

5 d ii new physics quantum field parallel dimension to 5 d i linearity with forward moving circle rhythm forward up or down history proportions mechanical music proportions solar system feedback sets data points strum string theory of harp lyre idea quanta focus A locus B focus B locus C focus C locus D parallel sets of data points waves of grain simple organisms 1.5 billion years waves of grain overlapping explosion multiple sets of data points strumming string harp lyre new multitudes of probabilities new organ combinations click terseness love discrete particles discrete energy release of energy complex organisms exist love idea quanta theories

6 d belief system behavioral science non-science scientific dimension chanq creative force creative process nerves triggered upon munching pain suffering viral aggression anti-viral sleep hibernation night day aliveness living 10 steps living-dead reared IQ alter ego driver always starts false possible truth always needs 5 senses physical confirmation at least 1 sense higher linguistics syntax 5 intelligences IQ EQ AQ SQ WQ children brain children heart thought brain alive “mystical mind” mentality love idea quanta theories living psyche economy surplus alive constructive living creative processes positive strokes therapeutic milieu healing evolving culture from positive expression of genes biological evolution via viral- human constructive impetus destiny positive strokes to avoid total burnout destiny total burnout shortened telomeres death fate non-naive optimism

Abraham Boulder.

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