The rat patrol winning over the greatest fighting force in the world

Imagine if you will (and I hope you don’t mind me saying, check the FEASABILITY of this idea quantum (meaning, complete idea).

Trainers train reptiles, vermin, and insects. They usually get the organism to hate them because they cause so much excessive pain to make them do what they want done by organisms, or in this case rats.

Now suppose the trainer really, really wants to make the rats inopportune, or force them to do something like kill someone.

Well allegedly, he could shred the genitalia of the rat to get it through its head (more it’s heart) that it will kill the person. There’s a strong possibly that it would happen.

Now imagine, if you will a glass ceiling with no upper chamber floor. And this ruffian allegedly squeezes these rats unmercifully to rain rat blood down on the occupant in the below unit although it be more microbiomes really than splash! splash! splash! And the whole idea being to induce the transfer of rabies virus to the target below. While squeezing the living daylights out of these mammals.

Now this PCB character whomever or whatever he is (since he apparently died five times already) instructs by his own flight of various F-35s and these rats he trains so unmercifully and entailing an allegedly rat acumen mentality of his that I could sense his ability to nuance the mammal from Beacon Hill proceeds to fly and, perhaps everything unfolds unconsciously; namely, rats up his derriere attack specific piping or wiring in the plane.

This ruffian can get these rats to allegedly take adrenalin and watch these fairly decent-sized bullet trains bounce and attack behind the scenes, but the aggression is so severe that they can attack the pilots and make the pilots lose critical attention to detail while dogfighting in full gear glory of F-35 fighter or F-22 fighter piloting.

Problem being there is rectum anal barrier of lexicon where such subject is not spoken by gentleman. So you see the rats have it, he trains them excessively painfully, and the squadrons of Fighters are downed in the most unlikely manners.

I mean to further the point. There always seems to be problems with these planes. So what if the mischief comes from a rat trainer that tortures for years (might it be me that gets tortured via the glass ceiling, that prevents my sudden death) but more inclined to for the long term goal–final death, that is).

His seating untold numbers of planes is a reckless disregard of what this man, or thing does. Because he has cameras all over the above chamber and there is a studio that makes DVD recordings of events occurring in that “lab.” It is in a condo building in the direction of the street from this building lab chamber.

Gentlemen don’t talk about these things, but gentlemen may not talk of this because they simply are brai- part deficient from birth, auto accident, or flying shrapnel. That scientifically can keep gentlemen retaining an indiscrete silence on a Trojan Horse.

Abraham Boulder.

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