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To heal, to mend, to weave beautiful fabric. To countermeasure anti-matter impetus, and anti-Stalin or anti-Soviet and anti-Nazi and anti-Hitler, you have to put the Vienna circle “umph” on constructive measures (the metahuman focus and emphasis).

When a spiritual implosion wants to bring death, wants to lay waste to the country, and wants to leave disease via viral strains to the heart and brain, it becomes our sacred duty to read on things that matter.

Variety is the key. Some things for you and me. Subjects that is–variety of different subjects. And some for a sense of community–subjects that give a sense of belonging, not isolating, a sense of caring, not nihilism, and sense of doing however we manage in our busy schedules.

In this way, everyone raises their flag in their constitution, and, by action, raises America in their hearts.

It’s not just something to do, although it can be; but it creates a balance of mind in each and everyone of us–and counters totalitarianism dead center. Neurohermeneustically, that is, through scientific phenomenon (of thought or feeling) and for those with belief, in Spirit, as well. This is healthy metahuman.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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