All, Ill and parallel structures

Civ[ill] & Eclesiastic[all], terms of Thomas Hobbes. At a time when protestants and catholics were cutting each other’s throats. He rationally and soundly concluded a series of “Ah-ha’s” whereby it made more and more sense, and and less and less necessary to cut lives to “nasty, brutal and short . . .”

Letter-embellishments “cleansed” by the church in later editions that routed out embellished, old english in his work, Leviathan.

English that were terms of endearment embellishment. Warmth and heart-warming against the cold, cold night. Against the continual sufferings endured by mankind, and humankind family by the totality of church and totality of state and the singularity of a leader and his or her clique.

Parallel structures I believe considered by Vaclav Havel in that [private] organizations are the civ[-ill] to the state[-all] and the church[-all].

That the parallel structures in civilian society (the civ[ill]) exist to cope with totality of church & state, and totality of power of a clique of a singular leader.

Free to exist as homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens). Written into constitutions as “homo sapiens.”

To keep human command and generation-to-come destiny and AI:tool.

A social contract binding to all on exoplanet Earth.


Abraham Boulder

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