Sorry state

The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals…

That someone would intrude on our peace of mind, that they would speak words so difficult to take back, that they would exploit our fear, that they would care so little about us, that they would raise the stakes so high, that they would stoop so low–all of this alarms us . . .”

Transforms us to doing with high energy and creative resolution, revolution, and human species evolution.

Homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens). Come hither.

To tell a story at the Museum of Industry and History–an industrial revolution. Doing gets done. Done gets checked. Checked is remedied when necessary.


How is this reached, from potential sorry-states?

How is the ubermensch defined that is not unreachable to the most “unworthy.”

It’s one thing to be good and to do good.

A totally different thing to be bad, and mean well.

In other words, is meaning well any good when you are a bad character?

Doing good is different from bad attitude. Bad character gets you laid. Good business relations, including honesty and productivity, even at high-level positions zeroes in on target objectives that are swiftly turned around whenever possible.

Do we need Earth Sciences departments connected to an intranet between universities?

This would allow for more comprehensive, valuable information on what needs doing on exoplanet Earth in remedial sciences, preservation of lands and seas (not destroyed) and ocean ecology involving temperature increase and greater acidity remedied by biodiversity development that withstands oceanic climatic change.

The set pace that gets us moving in the direction of our goals in 2030 and 2040 is a mundane existentialism that, in truth, is the ubermensch with less hype, more done, and reorientation to our planet that makes Earth just as exciting as Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

Abraham Boulder

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