Love be, love in doing

Love for our individual fate.  And an appreciation and love for existence, and love for life.

Destiny gained or omitted, we all face the fate of “all ends, nothing remains.”

It is fear to lose our destiny (many “generations-to-come”), that transforms us to constructive action–a form of loving doing.

It is in this constructive action, in doing lovingly that we draw meaning and a Dionysian appreciation of life, from death.

It is to do that life begins, continues, then dies.  To do otherwise, to do nothing, is death incarnate.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

To spark a “conflangration.”  To spark a revolution in industry. To make history.  Is the fire kept burning in Jefferson’s above term,

(conflagrantion=revolution)  And the quenching or reduction of our heated Earth.  Is our intent, striving, achievement, on-time. Final final accomplishments.

Abraham Boulder

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