What is not seen nor heard. But may be. Or, is not.

Allegedly:  PCB given 200 million to do his “magic.”  Softens the business class with party material of brain-destruction smoke and endorsing investment in human genocide corporate profit-making.  Maybe, allegedly, to sign lucrative contracts with the governments in the federal system and promote desecration and world demise.

Is it not military command that keeps the “cart from being in front of the horse” in matters of the U.S. Constitution and its defense?  In matters of freedom to solve our urgent problems and not cave in to opinion that we cannot do so.

To maintain a plateau of readiness that befits productivity demands required for 3 year flip that will take 4 years in revision with 5th year hedging on slow turnaround on remediation.

Let us not talk of not getting it done in time and talk about what is necessary in intranet performance to get this job done.

Perhaps Princeton University provides Rhodes scholarship for no hope and world demise.

Perhaps too much IQ.  Missing emotional intelligence, EQ, Affective intelligence, AQ (the accent, pronouncement, and meter of syntax; separately, the stereotypical female’s comment of feeling known or not known to her, owned or not owned by her), Ecological intellegience, EcologicalQ, Spiritual intelligence, SQ (values and meaning), and WQ (Wisdom intelligence to hear the voice of reason that says it’s time– get going).  And go with full wits and not be so brilliant at knowing, but at doing.

A practical matter.

Abraham Boulder -Keven.

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