Is the Rand Corporation responsible?

Allegedly, they foster for Ukraine by making Zelenskyy bigger than life.

One can imagine the total effort of Putin to resemble Stalin and the alleged Rand Corporation doing the same for Ukraine.

It’s as though they make this great leader, Zelenskyy absolute [wrong!] so that he obeys Stalin and attacks Europe as a result of warring with Putin!

As a result of grave trauma to the populations in Ukrane and Russia. Pavlovian dogs (plural) genocide in trauma that is susceptible to suggestion in captivity. Controlling the environment the trauma can work as psychiatric brainwashing whereby subjects values become opposite to what he or she previously swore by. Actions oppose their previous work.

Allegedly, Rand Corporation, or radio America, need to send Ukranian arts, Ukranian songs, Ukranian pop culture on a continuous basis, especially when their broadcasting can be interfered with at wartime.

Emphasizing Ukranian smartness and Ukranian goodness.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James

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