The New York Times: Opinion | Why We Admire Zelensky

I ask: a great man–not a superman. Ask yourself: what if environment is contained, trauma is imposed, and values are suggested that oppose his present greatness with psychiatric brainwashing. A brainwashing influencing largely opposite to great values–too terrible “to im.agine” but possible according to a psychiatrist who studies brainwashing.

I don’t mean to say anything against a great man depicted excellently by the New York Times.

But I know something about environmental containment (environs). I know something about trauma. And I have learnt about brainwashing techniques and that opposite action to your standard behaviors is possible. As I said, a psychiatrist brought up this technique and you can find his statements in

Ukrane needs to affirm its culture while in shock not just be lead by an obvious great man.

Radio.america can send them Ukranian songs and speak Ukranian culture at a time of starkness and death.

Any containment of environment and trauma beyond coping levels can lead to a blitzkreig led by a Czar Stalin claiming to be a Russian pope treating Ukranians like Cossacks blitzkreiging defeatistly in the name of himself as Jesus and recent alignment of the Roman Orthodox Church with the Russian Orthodox Church. Old man serving as Pope can fantasize and eat moldy cheese from 1564.

Two apocalypses in the United States and the Reformation leading Thomas Hobbes in 1651 A.D. to a series of sound arguments and sound conclusions that help stop Catholics and Protestants from killing one another.

Nietzche’s thought exercises on the subject of the church to secularist ideology

U.S. Constitution’s allowance for secular thought that includes, but not limited to talk of dissolving the union or improving the U.S. Constitution with many amendments. Or, the role sovereign states and religion have to actually destroy the world.

Pluymouth-Mayflower compact of self-governing body of people devoted to keeping sovereign states from destroying the world. And Orthodox religion and fundamentalists in Islam, Christian and Jewish religions from also blowing up the world.

The New York Times: Opinion | Why We Admire Zelensky.

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