Educating the doctorates

With so many EdD’s in my family history and childhood friends, I hope you will humor me a bit, dear reader–please!

I am beset by a legion of doctorates that teach things, but don’t really deal with anything.

In their agony of brain disorder on a broad spectrum from a little, to much more: they have become exceedingly aggressive and rigid.

Now they mean me well. At least enough to help me “out of my predicament” which I’m not sure exists.

They are about to tell me in no uncertain terms what is good for me after 40 years of not seeing each other altogether.

They want to educate me on what is okay to do, what I can do, what is not okay to do, and whether I have any control on spending.

Is this necessary?

Let’s rid of ourselves of some of the veneer.

Do we have here, based on knowledge from the Metahuman by Chopra posting, a situation entailing two charismatic, but undeniably diabolical, pejorative cult leaders?

Does a man whom may not have finished high school and never completed a college course ruling in warped-mental state ways, this band of EdDs?

Do they in any way mean well for me, besides their gesturing?

I’ve read David Copperfield, and Great Expectations. Must I live a dismal end to my life by people who truly don’t care for me, want my money on their grisly, grimey hands . . . it’s so Dickens, but do I have to live it? [NOTE: Dickens, the author was excellent literature that often had a happy ending!]

It’s a gay malfeasance pejorative death cult.

Many of the EdDs are educated for (self) destruction. They think superior to any science, any engineering problem, any mathematical problem involving mathematical wizardry.

They are EdD demented.

End of story.


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