Philip Betrum Devinsky doing presidential mafia antics with top brass of Pentagon.

Don’t you think they could get a life?

Strategies on the battlefield. Not on an innocent constituent of The U.S. Constitution, and on the U.S. soil.

Weak top defense department leadership because they need to “play” with me: a civilian constituent noncombatant. U.S. Constitution obligates to freedom, liberty, life, and property. Where are they from??!

Robotic, smart vacuum cleaners, sucking up, dirt bags thought to have greater value than human economic value. Disability above or below the brain stem is equal rights involving (or entailing) the U.S. Constitution and Washington state constitution law. Using nonconstitutents to assasinate me for sport warrants war.

I have felt that if I’m attacked that the main body of the private sector is also attacked.

That I legitimately serve as a litmus test. That regime change would be swift and deadly. That knowing ahead of time, I’ve bought some time to see if, and when, action occurs.

I know we default to losing, but the effort may be worth it. Visualizing getting it done. Keeping time to the beat of a different drummer rather than regime change and death.

To a destiny we chose to meet. Instead of Macedonian Rhodes scholar espousing murder and suicide of ancient Greek tragedy.

Destiny of the Book of Numbers of the Old Testament. Testimony of generation-to-generation human destiny from homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens.

A Love for a constructive God and the love that God sheds His Light on thee (you and me).

Human Command and AI tool.

Abraham Boulder

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