Rape refuseniks

Rape supporters refusing to stop gain power 3 ways:

1. They are utterly filthy.

2. They literally rear the dead.

3. They smoke combs or epoxy glue.

4. They rape alive personage.

These are occult practices involving sorcery of dead reared, dead conversations with remembrance of the dead (apparent in the common unconscious of alive human beings; also unconscious sentiments on the lost ones felt by other living forms as well).

5. The only living, not alive, may be human host to snakes or rats or insects beyond alive status (a form of living beyond your years due to (a) amphetamines and (b) opoids.

People living beyond their years need to know if they wish to pass on (especially in the state of Washington), they can. Whereby ending amphetamine use and opoid use may effectively allow them to “let go.”

And find peace that this “living” may be a poor substitute for a deliberate ending of living (but not actually alive) by the above medication ceased.

There are two charismatic chieftains of a pejorative death cult. They will not tolerate heterosexuality and prefer the “living dead” to whom they can rape incessantly.

Washington constitutional law clearly states that someone’s sexual orientation, alive, is equal a lifestyle to alive, living compared with any homosexual or bi- lifestyle providing freedom to live in accordance with his or her preferred orientation and sexual activity.

Abraham Boulder

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