Desperate times “need” desparate measures?

Philip Bertrum Devinsky and Allen Weg  torture me nonstop 24 hrs for the third day.

PCB knew that what I surmised about their behavior with nanos, nocebos, torture of children and murder of everyday people is nothing but the truth.

If times are hard and bullying and traumatizing is “in,” then escape-goating gets applied.

We have a Phil that legally does not exist. (Philip Bertrum Devinsky)

How are you going to hold accountable an AI remote Ghost? What does this mean for legislature passing bills supporting human life of constitutiuents (and others) for “life, liberty, and property,” Article 14 in the U S. Constitution.

Is Weg technolgical AI Ghost advancement with a 5-year old, a 13-year old and 22 year old skipping out on college, working the computer mice acceptable practice.

Does “next of kin” get hounded by the government for having in childhood a brother I could call family, then, and only back then. No more.


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