Seditious profiteers?

Totaling the SUV by totalitarianism wiping out individuals’ consciousness.  Thereby, “totaling” the persons with only state consciousness is to keep a nonhuman consciousness solely.  What involves state reporting and record keeping evolving with computational logistics for traffic management and crowd contol that keeps the peace while people protest civilly–evolves into computational skills of AI to manage homo sapiens.

Computational Totalitarianism AI can be avoided by pricing human economic price higher than the price of “System Omega” (i.e., the entire system of computational AI that directly and indirectly effects homo sapiens individuals.)

By pricing human life greater than the AI and peripheral robotics’ economic price, we develop software that will have:

(1) the computer program with the higher human price (in dollars), and is called AI Firewall.

(2) When some system wants to compromise the AI Firewall with Trojan AI, computational response will be by AI anti-Virus.

(3) And when harm is done by AI malware then ithe AI innoculations needed computated by AI anti-malware and AI Doctor Repairs, and then rebooting AI Firewall.

Abraham Boulder  -Keven.

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