Superman vs. Metahuman

Superman vs. Metahuman

Particular particulate death star engagement, leading to pariculate particle burnout depression.


Wave function. Children have the county fair. Teenagers have “6 flags.” Adults, laseruum.

Ubermensch hysteric vs. Ubermensch mundanity, also: Ubermensch worthwhile constant high achiever meeting earthly obligations while “northstar” (i.e., aligned correctly with wave function as “life breath” of the universe).

Metaverse is universal alignment of wave function for creative process to find critical answers of intelligence (i.e., “spirit” and thought) at critical “hour” to avoid engaging in “total” war.

Two dimensions: wave vs. particulate, universe vs. exoplanet Earth.

Habitable universe including earth vs. Dead earth and vacant universe.

Be prepared; do not engage.

Alignment, defined: (a) technical answer not mainstay of english essay or philology.

(b) right thing, to doing mass wrong, is robotics or humanized robot.

(c) technical answers that are correct are neither right nor wrong, good or bad.  If chosen and done, it will be the thing to do because it is the correct answer for getting things done.

The equation answered in “Recall” (movie) that has to answer generally and metaphorically to cope with the srress factor of Big Ratchet (book).

That is: quality checks that anticipate win/lose outcomes as warning signals and similar to geiger counters use binary logic of inspection of complex tasks (collapsing evidential particulate) to determine flux priority directive and pacing requirements.

Less of a death sentence, with confidence than a life sentence. Ahain see The Big Ratchet (book).

Quantum computing has more variables to “the equation” because it works with possibilities beyond “on/off” inspection.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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