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The crazy jury-rigged American intelligence structure with its perpetual internal bureaucratic warfare tank lines of authority and wasteful and efficiency and duplication, . . . but it’ll probably also an admission that even in helping to obtain the victory of containment over Soviet communism the intelligence agencies have often failed spectacularly at crucial moments and have left in their wake and often [sordid] trails of transgressions against law  morality, decency and basic American value[s].

Why is it so important to take responsibility for the entirety of your past for all of your creative and karmic history? In the context of Evolutionary Enlightenment, it’s to make you available–*****available to participate in the present and the future in ways that would otherwise not be possible.*****

Spiritual inspiration [and hence inner freedom and availability for future intent now] gives us the courage and breadth of vision to want to be that responsible for ourselves and and the entire cosmic process that created us.

And the simple reason we want to be that responsible is that first and foremost we want to be free.

Free, in this sense, available. Available means we are no longer endlessly distracted by the karmic momentum of the past, by the fears and desires of the personal ego or the culturally conditioned self.

Only when *****buoyed by a measure of inner freedom*****(from that momentum [of availability]) will we be spiritually awake here and now and therefore available *****for the overwhelming task of consciously creating the future.*****

[–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.]

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