Dimensions summarized

Creativity and curiosity, hand in glove, a child learns and is personal, private in neurodevelopment.

There is in three dimensions large bodies of planets, sun. We have what is grave and having gravity, having weight in 3-D.

Fourth dimension is time that has a future, present, and past connected.

Fifth dimension is subsubparticles. With a billion solar specs travelling through earth in one single second.

We are one with the universe. Our body inside and peripersonally (outside around our physical form) are effused with Alka-seltzer evanescence which interacts with the billion solar specs and other subsubparticle matter. Much smaller than the microbiome.

The sixth dimension is religion that matters to science via behavioral science.

We are destined for generations-to-come like the book of numbers which is Jewish literature meant to be observed and learnt from by mankind (humankind).

Fate takes us to the grave. Destiny keeps the generations-to-come alive.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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