On the 4th of July

Without compassion, we live in tyranny.

Without resolve and determination and achievement of our scientific goals, in the deadline planet Earth, we also live in tyranny.

Philip Bertrum Devinsky attempting to destroy my prefrontal cortex to eliminate my conscience.

A heavy dose of contagion applied to me.

Joel Plawsky pouring acid in a p-line (a very narrow tube) to my head. Attempts to damage the side of my eye.

Serum injected into my thigh allegedly, possibly Weis or Weg.

What we have are the ill of socital ills. These are the sick of whatever diagnoses who choose not to get help and prey on the vulnerable. Truly, sick minds, usually not the mentally ill who they ptey on.

Archetypically, diabolical villainy.

My notes:

“Suffering leads to endurance. Endurance leads to correct pride and strength in character, and to a strong constitution. (Try it yourself . . . maybe you have!)”

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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