What to look forward to: the genesis for 200,000 more years of homo sapiens

Homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens).  AI tool.  Tanach, “Numbers,” Book of Generations.  Equals: Destiny. Mesopotamia.

Rhodes scholar.  Toga party.  Ancient Greek tragedy of murder and suicide. Fate.  Macedonia.

AI tool.  Human Command.

Price (in U.S. real dollars) human economic value greater than price AI economic value so that liberal economics will favor human life over any machine.

Biogenetics to favor surviving Earth environment, but brain development and heart-limbic system development focused on homo sapiens to homo sapiens sapiens and so forth. Heart-cerebellum good to go for Earth’s environment homo sapiens development as the ecosystem changes.

For 8 billion people to pilot a space ship from Mars to Earth without the ship falling into the Sun requires correct action.

Not right, wrong; this, that; good, bad; yes, no (robotics)—> correct action.  There is no other way. It’s human.

God had us pause, and deal with SARS to modify our habits to act correctly for us to stay alive while adapting to exoplanet Earth. A human enterprise.

Atheists would say this is an excellent modifier (correct), without the God idea.

Vitriol for national competition’s between nation’s uses negative affect a lot and will employ positive feedback to avoid burnout or total burnout.

Positive behavior gets replaced with constructive behavior, positive, negative, or neutral.

Constructive intent, effort, achievement, ontime final, remedy, ontime final Final. Constructive accomplishment with constructive thought, feelings and Mojo.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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