It seems allegedly self-evident

Russia – ideas

German – execution

Computer program write the current paradigm then vomit out whatever paradigm they have created, different from the current. Project on citizen the wholly created paradigm unrelated to the person’s actual self.

Czar information – opposites refuses to allow 3rd Alternative (Covey text)

And focus returns to German execution and Russian idea.

What moves is singular terrible repetition  Get into opposites refuse 3rd alternative kill great keep terrible back to single terrible repetition. Terrible opposed by terrible. Great is out. Democracy out. Republic, an old age home of “royalty.” They all seem to have had such humble beginnings.

Inspection grade speedy child IQ digitized analysis ————>minus: EQ, SQ, AQ, WQ, EcologicalQ.

3rd Alternative of Abraham Boulder psyche economy surplus noise for “Medici effect.”  Metahuman “umph” is afterburner kickin on forward thrust to our 2030 or 5 year (2026) goal of halving 2005 emissions and 1.5 degree Celsius by 2050.  It is “kickin” because of human singularity focus.  That is, 5 sense physical, Vienetian circle focus and the umph energy of constructive action prayer to the 12-step Higher Power to help us get the constructive goals accomplished though we humans can’t do it by ourselves (6th sense).

This six sense focus is human physical senses (5) with the Higher Power sense (6) for human singularity in complete focus on goals needing completion.  We are intimate with the universe due to subsubparticle physics.
Therefore the Higher Power exists if we maintain behavioral science faith in the singular constructive Lord our God.
No faith.  No God.  No human.

The 12-step Higher Power is a doing greater than human capacity.

Darpa is the machine to destroy human and prevail.  This is not the last poker card of department of defense.  It is the first card and instituted into intel groups.  Humans die now.  Darpa prevails.

I am the canary.

This above information belongs in Darpa as “human singularity for constructive purpose, action, ontime.”

Stop the canary. Stop the 1st card, keep it the last card. Allow more than opposites, allow the 3rd correct alternative, synergeistic greatness. Neither left nor right. Neither yes nor no. Neither right nor wrong. Neither good nor bad. Essential correctness synergy from opposites, terrible with the Hobbesian great to very productive synergy.

End the Allen Funt show and keep my brains in my head. Not allegedly falling out on my side or where my conscience is acid burned out of existence, in front of my head.

Now they can take toxic substances across the brain barrier to the brain. Don’t do it, to me or anyone else, with nanos or larger molecules.

Don’t attack a constituent’s brain or heart, or physiology and psychology.

Keep it Liberty! Freedom from abuse. Life for a constituent, not death. Respect owned property.

Abraham Boulder

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