Note. 7-11-2022.

Kill mode, on: kill, off: kill. No 3rd Alternative away from opposites. No progress. Synergy from synthesis not happening. (See author Covey for help).

Overuse of children in adult business.

Recommend: a safety switch based on life enhancement to go with Article 14 “life, liberty, property” constitutional, legal rights of U.S. Constitution and Washington State constitution.

Let me remind you that disability, of any kind, shall be interpreted to be governed as equal in legal rights, to be acknowledged as legal equal rights, and enforced as legal equal rights, to Thomas Jefferson’s rights.

Gentlemen, Ladies: this is the 21st Century; and it would be good of you to come aboard. Permission granted (see the above).

Some of my work here involves philosophy of living, and you need to get up to speed on martial and U.S. Code for serial manslaughter (enter the legal term, “genocide” into American juriprudence).

Abraham Boulder

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