To find “the good” under evil conditions

We start to understand that good is relative.

And under certain circumstances, good is evil.

And getting True North (True East, True West, True South) bearings is very difficult and in an historical moment, we let God be that: God.

And Man comes to terms with Man’s reservoir of evil via Hobbesian greatness and “the Good” simulation.

And effectively steers the homo sapiens species to continued destiny of generations-to-come.

Abraham Boulder.

P.S. Personally, I need Allen Weg to stop advocating the evil wisdom of Jew Death camps, and allow me God’s intercedence with the Jewish and Philo-Jew community faith register.

To not to be blinded by his action against my right eye or heart damaged (or “wasted” away) in consistent evil systemic tempo of activism to halt my life by acid nanos poured at my heart’s location from gravity feed.

Done subtly over time not to have court judgment on results that look like lack of care by me. Well into it’s fourth year.

I know their evil system is so over time and subtle that the courts won’t react to his doings.

So I request the conscience of the Jewish faithful community with Jewish atheist moral backbone to come forward to see if you can intercede to talk to Allen Weg, Joel Plawsky, Philip Devinsky, and Goldstein-of-the-kibbutz, and possibly Weis to end their campaign agsinst my life that they do so diligently do to keep the courts out of the affair.

May moral good win over blatant evil action.

May God not be thrown out of the 21st Century like a pile of trash.

May I not be thrown out this way, also.

May Jews around the world know we can have God, and He can intercede in immoral behaviors against a Jew by the by the Jewish community and Philo supporters, with non-State interference.

Let us stop the wayward “boys and girls” who attack certain people of the citizenry for their individual purposes grouped together to generate an appalling evil malicious glee that they then share with one another that then reaches a much, maligned, intellectual epiphany reminiscent of Hitler and Stalin influences.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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