Take a moment . . . to replenish!

Artist, healers, musicians, and sometimes even scientists remind us that the creative life force within us is a divine gift and its expression a natural consequence of our spiritual nature.

Even our dreams remind us that we are creating while we sleep.

Every night we descend into their mysterious world to listen to the messages of our soul, even to listen to the voice of God.

Many years ago the Episcopal priest and Jungian analyst John Sandford wrote a book entitled, Dreams: God’s Forgotten Language.

The Bible describes many instances of God’s speaking through dreams, including Joseph’s dream in which an angel tells him that Mary is carrying a child that he is to name him Jesus.

Dreams can allow us access to the messages that God gives us through the creative voice of our soul.

They remind us that we have an inner connection through what Christians call the Holy Spirit and other religions call inner Divinity.

This source is ever present within our physical body.

It is this Inner Divinity that is continuously manifesting toward greater and greater expression.

It is up to each of us to follow our inner guidance and find ways that we can cooperate with God in creating a new life and bringing the resurrection energy into manifestation here on Earth.

If we think of God as the Creator of all Life, then we are cooperating with the Designer of Creation to bring Life into greater [focus, and greater] and greater wholeness and harmony.

Every spiritual path and religion grew from this Divine guidance wanting to find expression in physical form.

When we attune ourselves to the inner Divine voice, we are surrendering to the will of God as it is expressed in our individual soul.

We each acknowledging our individual relationship with God, the true meaning of mysticism.

Our choice can be to participate in Creation by operating with, cooperating with, God.

We can choose to wait patiently, listen, see, feel, and follow the directions for healing and true life as God awakens the healer within us.

Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Moses, the saints, Kuan Yin in China, and Tara in Tibet and India cooperated with God.

At some point in their lives they each said: “Take my life, God, and do with it what you will. I will not resist. I will cooperate with you. My life is yours.”

One of the most essential ways that we can cooperate with God is through the healing of our soul.

Our soul is composed of all that we are, both in this life and, if you believe in them, in previous lives.

Our soul is what lives on when our body dies.

It is that configuration of energy that is constantly evolving toward wholeness.

It contains all the unhealed emotions and thoughts that we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime; all the actions and mistakes we have not yet forgiven.

It also contains all the lessons that we have learned, the wisdom we have accumulated.

The soul is the creative matrix out of which our actions spring and our emotions and thoughts evolve.

The creative life force within expresses itself as it rises again moment-by-moment, manifesting how we are evolving toward healing, toward wholeness in our connection with God.

As we all know, there are days when we feel that everything we do and everything that takes place seems to flow smoothly, as though this evolution is progressing as it should.

And then there are other days when all the events and all our actions seemed out of sync, as though we are caught up In a bad dream.

The evolution and healing of our soul is made up of peaks and valleys, clear paths, and rugged mountain climbs.

Because we do not always understand the greater picture of our soul’s progress, we should not judge the difficult times as bad.

They are part of the process of awakening the healer within us.

Illnesses, accidents, and losses are all wake-up calls to the soul to pay attention to his inner connection with God.

It is this attention and this connection that allows us to wake up to the greater possibilities of healing available to us.

Healing comes from the Old English “haelen,” meaning “to make whole.”

As we evolve through many different lifetimes, we learn the lessons that our soul chooses to learn.

Peeople who have near-death experiences tell of “a being” of white light who helps them view their life.

This being asked them, “What did you learn? and Whom did you love?”

It seems that as our soul evolves through lifetimes, we are learning how to love, how to become whole, how to rise again and experience resurrection.  [my Rock and my Redeemer]

Each new lifetime is its own resurrection.

Our families, friends, careers, illnesses and crises are all challenges that confront us with opportunities to learn and love, and, thereby, heal the soul and the body as an expression of the soul.

We are all evolving toward a true healing and resurrection of the body and soul of all humanity, the anima mundi or world soul that we all share, and the sacred ground on which we stand.

-Touching Spirit by Elizabeth K. Stratton, M.S.

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