Is Biden thinking of acting outside of constitutional checks and balances??

The Supreme Court struck down excessive executive privilege and judged in favor of the legislature making the laws that would assist in administrative law that the president would then pilot.

Are people assuming Hitler and Stalin mentalities in irrational fear that Manchin of the legislature could not or would not be onboard in August, especially if scientist activists were diplomatic and assertive with honorable Senator Manchin what is necessary for scientific scheduling that is scientifically correct fot meeting correct Earth sciences scheduling and the political science objectivity not succumb to irrational fears. And work constiutionally with the U S. Supreme Court, the U.S legislature (Congress) and the Presidency.

Astute politics would emphasize that Manchin, as he said, could correctly schedule scientifically on Earth sciences to help lead administrative law and be piloted by the Presidency.

Hence more Democrats could be voted in “as the political party–not commiting suicide on planet Earth!”

Scientists need to employ diplomacy and avoid “mellon head syndrome” whereby they act as Greek tragedy “toga parties” of high IQ and destroy the Earth and human species with a fetish attitude of “it simply cannot be done” because murder and suicude is “in their blood” as Rhodes scholar.

This includes too high IQ economists who say “it cannot be done” because the circumstances warrant life-and-death action.  That the fated “Greek scholar Macedonians” would rather destroy the world rather than admit a little ultra orthdoxy discipline has to give way to Mesapotamian mercy for generations-to-come human destiny and acceptable deviation from the ultra norm that leaves the human race dead and gone.

Let us benefit from sound common sense reasoning and sound common sense scientific earth sciences conclusions.  Making correct conclusions of proactive action while translating the metrics (figures) holding the correct earth science accountable and correct onjective political science performed with regard to the correct scientific metrics.

Abraham Boulder.  -Keven.

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