Synchronization in psyche economy surplus

Read Russian history biased get “noise” through reading material existential synchronization.

Authors could be computer programmers.

Metaverse version of Matrix, MicroSoft and Facebook busies the viewer and listener to drown out eternal inner self chatter. In exoplanet Earthly form neurohermeneutics of psyche economy surplus of Intuitive of private, personal unconscious with access to common unconscious (not head-to-head ESP) of venues of golf, tennis, shopping malls.

Eternal chatter drawn-out by think tanks whose brilliant essays lose apparent relevance when totalitarianism increases “noise” and enslaves by synchronization of sociological abuse pseudo science of psyche economy deficit, negativity, and m misabuse of psychiatry.

Hence PCB’s rear-end in Krygzstan and Iran uses Zorastian and Islamic jihad to synchronize to crush the spirit of life-affirming energy to complete day-to-day tasks and keep hope for a future of homo sapiens being realized.  Totalality world psychiatry psychos in subtle gravity feed and reed implementation with capacity to enter body with foreign human filth (possibly viral contamination).

And decency of God usurped by Zorastian “good” and bad dual divinity.  (Lacking constructive divine intent, strivings, achievement, final ontime, remedy or remedial, final final ontime of 12 step program of constructive Higher Power whereby we could not save ourselves from extinction, on our own without the grace of God and with atheists who do not confuse science for religion or constructive faith-based approaches that use behavioral science but no more science than that–except in the miracle department.)

We are intimate with the universe.  With subsubsubparticle physics we are infinite with the cosmos.  Our individual body’s alka-seltzer effervescence entangled with a billion solar specs that go through the exoplanet Earth in one second.

Authoritarianism approach augmented for more power, less effectiveness unless replaced by machine or hybrid human to high-end labotomy of Autonomous avatar AI dictator that enslaves rather than free up humans for their own good time and their own good rule.

At the same time assaulted by G-men on taxpayer money doing 3rd world guerilla tactics.  Crass, gross, psychopathic, uncouth, schooled in world psychiatric totality of brain disorders of continual state of psychoses (as though Vanguard Total Stock Market Index in breadth of disorders scope) and not of human nature recognized by the American Psychiatric Association unless addictions to a conrnucopia of neurochemicals and hence, brain disorders. Upending the best for the worst behavior (intent, effort, achievement, ontime final, remedy or remedial, ontime final final needs constructive approach and ontime completion) replaced to do harm or worse yet.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia

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