Dawn of homo sapiens sapiens

Luther and his white Light being of luminosity.

Earthly, universe, our own effort therefore not Jesus.  Jesus is what does not fail or tends not to fail, sriving for perfect.

It is the sobering of a drunkard (addiction) to succeed with a a Higher Power whereby he, Man, Woman, child(ren) cannot do it alone or just with the Devil, daemon.

Not incinerate or vaporize the fecundity of Mesopotamia (generations to come, destiny) by the Macedonian Rhodes scholar of fated, ancient Greek tragedy, murder, and suicide.

Fiction writing:

In myth, the devil is not from here although inhabits the exoplanet Earth. He takes, in myth, what he wants when he wants it and directs his attention to chambers once housing nerve agent in WWII and a spot on the earth of both physics dimensions: large body physics and subsubsubparticle physics for a launch at the Bering Strait. “Sighted” at Vancouver, B.C. area. So goes fiction writing.



Nuts and bolts of ubermensche is striving susscessfully with 75 percent failure rate for avoiding being constantly, “nearly at the end,” day in and day out.

Abraham Boulder

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