1900 Freud and Jung’s unconscious gaining order and solving “Crisis in Democracy” via neurohermeneutics’ value-added and Post-Enlightenment (psyche economy surplus); versus past Straussian lies and Post-Straussian bills signed into law which lack “teeth” and therefore are weak and lacking efficacy, 1900 Oxford American dictionary entry, “nihilism” [Russian revolutionary and radical politics that, “All is for nothing,” and “Nothing for all” and “All” is nothing]. Energy source fundamentally “anti-matter” (desiring the sheer destruction of everything)


Falsehood to possible to actual truth in behavioral science.

Offense totalitarianism salient to trauma of democratic republic.

Dynamics of trolling neurohermeneutics:

Trolling scenario in national studio theatre makes the attempt of implying a coup d’etat in drama of an insolent, violent, diabolical villainy to “fill us up” and do a “fuck you” to all inhabitants in the boundaries of the United States (and therefore ruin our freedoms, our lives, and our ability for acquistion and keeping of one’s own financial assets).

Rendering such historical sentiments, as for the “Common Good” to the “masses” and the coup d’etat as imminent against the U.S. Constitution.

Response needs to be, vitally official protest to the real threat to sacred constutional order against the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions aligned with the Federal “alive” legal, historical constitutional document.  Our rights to avoid governmental torment, threat to our constituency, and therefore threats to to the Well Faring of the American populations known simply, as the people, and their private souls in history.

Abraham Boulder, “Keven

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