Truly Exceptional Repeat: American Soviet Americanisms

Structure in syntaxes comparable to Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes.

Provides a platform for hope for science solving toxicology problems and ecology remedies.

Russian austere survival and Jewish love equal to life lived (alive) and Hebraic lettering syntaxes with added meaning.

Insist on scientific solutions for clean drinking water and for cooking.

Mass madness can subside (or at the very least, stressor and inflammation, reduced–aggression from damaged brain, diminished–sinister notions from toxic parts of the brain, subsided.)

Positive placebos for constructive science solutions to add a form of human singularity with “umph” energy to new adaptations to initiating constructive science solutions, scientific answers to overdosing in Ayurverdic medicine application. For example, cigarette smoking.

Behavioral economics to “make the irrational ‘friendly'” so that, philosophically, Divine meaning can complement human gene expression to increase health and allow for belief systems not scientifically rational except in behavioral science, it needs to be constructively implemented.

We allow irrational beliefs to be acknowledged and minimal harm to ourselves and others via emotional intelligence and intellect intelligence exercises.  To avoid physical behavior that is damaging.

If God is dead. Then we are the Creator intimate to the colossus universe and we Control the Divine by our deliberate prayer exercising and emphasizing constructive goals, constructive achievement, and meeting literal deadlines effectively.

Our God, the Creator follows 12-step program guidelines for alcohol, drug, and food abuse in order to allow homo sapiens to win, advance physically, accomplish what we cannot, alone, cannot accomplish (and we admit it) in (human) existential isolation.

This God is not without focus. It’s not a God-in-the-round but complements scientific laws of creation to get done scientifically what we cannot do in alone.

God-specific for solving critical scientific and, especially, human genetic problems caused by toxic overdose.  What we pray for is what we get from chanq or creative energy “umph” that defines human singularity for human command and AI tool.

The elegance of the universe in the equation, e equal m c-squared is found in the statement and it’s corollary as follows:

If you believe in God, then God exists.

If you don’t believe in God, then God does not exist.

Wisdom intelligence (WQ) tells us to listen to spiritual intelligence (SQ) of values and meaning.

Then, administering emotional intelligence (EQ) to quiet our fears and to create a constructive love; both, practical and with a capacity for present and future development of nascent constructive world civilization and world societies.

We, on a subsubsub-particle level and with some nanos behavior also, are intimate with the universe. A meshing of Alka Seltzer(c) efferescence between our physical selves and our surroundings at a megamicro level of matter and energy.

Idea quanta as universe of flitting ideas. Corralled and written down with pen and paper to be both grave and have gravity.

The intimacy shows that Man’s thought processes (Humankind’s also) are predominant in philosophy of ideas and takes claim or ownership of his existential plight. It is this intimate, direct contact with the universe, across the universe with entanglement, that allows a person of faith in the 12-step process that allows Man to have a future destiny instead of only an ancient Greek tragedy. Mesopotamia fecundity. Generations aging with generations-to-come destiny.

Let our driver sources be known through the phenomenon of affective intelligence (AQ) common but not exclusive to the female gender.

Finally, apply cognitive psychology in intellect intelligence (IQ) to administer direct actions that concludes cognitive faculty activity and managing proactive communication and processes regulating constructive measures for redirection into meeting literal deadlines.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

May this be a salve to our intellect, emotional quality, our values and meaning, and academic-tested wisdom literature.

May the affective intelligence remain an oddity of generational pursuit in which we don’t hold stereotypically, females to its expression.

As a result of all of the above, a conversation of Hebraic thought from Mesopotamia (the valley of the Euphrates) does not conclude with murder and suicide in Greek tragedy and toga party.

It halts scholarly direction from Greco-Roman influence originating from Macedonia. And upholds Israel as a source of three monotheistic beliefs.

Hebraic spirit and genetics in the earthly domain, and the spirit of a constructive God that is confirmed through correct interpretation for the 21st Century post-Enlightenment period. Christians have made decent the God story and in prayer. Judaism has softening His appeal to Jews to be good, and strive to survive, and like other groups, flourish.

May they be constructive; thus, love employed intelligently, and with God as the witness. For world civilization, and world society. And may atheists be in accordance with shared ethical principles to join in this constructive-love duality of work and achievement.

And for generations-to-come: a human destiny not ending in Ancient Greek tragic fate. This post-Enlightenment wisdom intelligence, speaking now–not thousands of years in the past.

God bless.

Human Command. AI tool. AI some control.

The valley of decision is the valley of Mesopotamia and its fecundity for generations-to-come destiny.

Abraham Boulder

Let me be clear. This is post-Nietzschian.

Luther did “dark earth” to express man’s and woman’s affiliation with the Devil on Earth. It was well within, Christianity’s church. Protestant, though it may be.

Nietzsche “vomits and has diarrhea” in deliberate thought exercises in order to move away–secularly–from the Church.

He says, paraphrasing, “move away from my thought processes. I do this thinking philosophically to move us beyond and into secular discussions.”

“Regain decency and natural respect for people striving on this Earth, if that’s your speech.”

We, in the United States, do secular discussion in “Town Hall” meetings to do speech round-a-bout supported legally by Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.

Our fifty states have constitutions that first of all accept the U.S. Constitution primary legal structure and may add rights to citizens, as well.

It is also private discussions that these laws protect. Private discussions which, within the framework of our human lives, constitute secularity in nature. To uphold a self-governing body in private discussions under a self-imposed Plymouth-Mayflower compact.

Our objective, among many, is to halt sovereign states and Orthodox and Fundamental or Evangelical churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, from the intent to blow up the world. We know governments have such a capacity, and religious influence can be too fatal.

This is the arena where we make speech beyond Nietzsche.

And if a Jew does something well. And you learn from his or her success: what I say is, “Copy Jew-style if you find it convenient and it helps you in your own success.

“Otherwise, do succeed by your own background, race, your own ethnic inclinations.

“Reflecting on your own style, your own identity, and your own grace.”

While your background is your own, and discussions in politics, economics, and business affairs are the secular sphere that we ask collaboration and mutual understanding in–these activities to profit self, businesses, and society.

Please consider and discuss this ambition in individuals and in groups.

Abraham Boulder

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