Psyche economy surplus, “Brahman:” the constructive transcendent, metahuman, metaverse

Vital spiritual energy in living things containing affect intelligence, AQ (meter, pause, pitch up or down or obstinato or picatto song elements in sentence construction); emotional intelligence, EQ; and intellect intelligence (IQ) for spiritual values and meaning (SQ), and discussion that is wise and does not “put you to sleep,” but; instead, “pricks up your ears and, oft’ times, needs careful focus and attention, repeating one more time”–as in wisdom intelligence, WQ.

“The all of what is everything existing; the inner meaning of all existence.  The unseen principle that enabled all things to grow, to flourish.  Void of personality.” (The Case for God by Armstrong, re: “Brahman,” p.12.) The constructive transcendent energy of IQ, AQ, EQ, SQ, & WQ.

Containing the creative process of the demiurge of material idea quanta entailing simple and complex combinations recorded in strumming cause and effects of string in string theory of a harp or lyre.

Such that simple recorded combinations (i.e., parallel waves of grain in a field on a farm) led to simple organisms.  And 1.5 billion years later, complex combinations of string strumming overlapping  led to complex organisms’ organs development.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

The divine is the only one God.  Creator of demiurge, material, spirit, and of God, Himself.

Psyche economy surplus is constructive psyche dynamic and of love in growth and development.  Of nurturing and maturing.  Of confidence and executive functioning in the brain.

Social intercourse with social intelligence leads to corroboration, cooperation, time-sensitive completion of scheduled assignments.  Remedial on Final.  And on-time Final final.  And resetting of goals.

Love of operation and completion, of constructive achievement of goals, Of sharing time with the ones you love.

Moments of peace of mind of success, of trials and tribulations.

Meditations of moments.

Abraham Boulder

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