Philosophy of creation of applied entrepreneurial economy–private sector schema for initiating and revue of one’s business(es): facilitates normal action instead of Soviet depletion.

From order, we get: resilience, anti-fragility, remedial (remedy), on-time scheduling, large profits (huge profits piloting away from obscene profits whereby excessive assets are invested into “work” or “functions” that assist green applied science, applied technologies, and inventive and innovative “material-out” product lines). We get preserves, sustainability, stewardship, idea quanta (complete ideas on paper with various locations on the sheet of paper (loci); and (a) one complete idea at a time, (b) prioritized for relevance (foci). Clarity, lucidity. Logical systems or “method of madness.” Foci and loci, cause and effect.

Neuroheuristics is intuitive possibilities of imagined social events that initially are fantasies. Over time, they repeat in feasible, imagined social events of the inner life happenings. What is a credible event can occur simultaneously in inner life and in 5-senses physical before your very eyes. The common unconscious reserve of mental, emotional, and spiritual inner experience, interacts with 5-senses physical venue environs in parallel inner social interaction of the private, personal unconscious inner selfhood, intuitive to a common unconscious plethora of group or social activity–with or without direct conversation with others in this imagined group or social setting. Relevance of inner experience is realized when experiencing critical context of an imagined event. A reality check-in with 5-senses physical to see if there was an actual critical event. If actual, one’s conscience may compel you to take action to remedy the situation.

Neurohermeneutics involve numerical combinations including Pascalian numbers relating to historical events. Idea quanta or complete ideas as Alka-Seltzer effervescence from human organisms in early physics development akin to early biological development of microbiome. Early physics relies on string theory and strumming entailing cause, and effecting a physical record of strumming a metaphorical harp or lyre that begins to overlap like two pebbles thrown in a pond simultaneously or a water skier hopping his motorboat trail–creating or causing new paths, new trails, new overlapping strumming with new effective physical locations (loci). New loci (“effects”) become complex combinations from foci origins (“cause”). Such physical records leave a trail of combinations in early physics for matter on large-scale mass development and behavior and preliminary subatomic mass development and behavior.

These combinations are the motivations of evolution in matter, chemical behavior, and biological processes.

Love is constructive effort manifest, oft’ times a perfection obssession. Resilient and complete to practical levels. Profitable and repeatable in proactive, successful engagement.

Abraham Boulder

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