Well, hello!

Met a Lutheran Minister today. Ready to send the appropriate people to hell. And spend eternity in Hog Heaven.

Thinks if you vote Republican, he can curse Americans and the place of my birth.

Nietzsche said “God is dead,” for a thought exercise. He reasoned that this then would allow the public to move away from Church affairs (as well as state matters) to talk secularly about our nation (our society) and to come to grips on how we: (a) can evolve to homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens), (b) Human Command, and (c) AI tool.

In this secular sector we can be inspired by The Age of Insight by an author whom won the Nobel Prize. The theme is 1900 Vienna and the bubbly of ideas percolating from the back of the head are shared in venue–parlor places in Vienna.

Insight into private, personal unconscious intuitive to a common unconscious fostered from an environment you “toured” from in a favorite venue (such as, golfing, tennis, swimming, trekking, mall strolling). Whereby your brain, a social brain, considers conversation you may have had with a real person, but imagined, instead (which is okay, as an Avatar in your private, personal consciousness discussion.

Collecting thoughts which meander in discussion to make their way to a conclusion. When you discover it, it is a complete thought or feeling–a complete idea.

What’s important is such imagined conversations in the social brain can lead to complete ideas. Complete Ideas that you could write down with available folded paper and pen, tablet, or smart phone the complete thought or feeling.

The content can involve psyche energy (not parapsychology or paranormal)–thinking, feeling, dreaming, wishing, and assessing that can be constructive and lead to correct (as opposed to incorrect thinking) conclusions.

Such mental activity is in the sphere of psyche economy surplus. That is, constructive thought embellished with constructive additions, destructive subtractions that conclude with constructive formulas to solve everyday and quarterly problems.

Abraham Boulder

“When there’s a Will, there’s a way.”

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