Neuroheuristics would be the odds of something occuring in introspection of the scenario in the inner experience of private, personal consciousness.

Noise that can be constructive would be affirming the process of growth in constructive endeavor and be a dynamic of psyche economy surplus.

Noise that is dysfunctional, destructive or decompensating-at-large is a dynamic of psyche economy deficit. A rot occurring once “nothing” is identified and achieved “in the internal clockwork of Man.” To “stop the clock, and let it rot.”

In order to construct our future from a start psyche economy surplus must prevail.  That is why we apply neurohermeneutics.  For favorable progress and achievement.  The phenomenon exists amidst at-large inner turmoil and negative violence. And the choice between psyche economy surplus and psyche economy deficit is constructive endeavor and constructive achievement. Psyche economy surplus.

Psyche economy surplus is the gift in inner experience of an active, outer experience of the private sector filled with innovation and with inventions, selling business material-out, acquisitions, and tailoring to your needs the new technologies. This outer experience is internalized, as psyche economy surplus, as “1900 Vienna.” It is love (constructivity) writ behavioral science.

Psyche economy deficit tries utterly to destroy the entire universe. Used here as anti-matter, to destroy all of existence. It is the internalization of “Moscow 1900.” Oxford American dictionary has defined, “nihilism” etymologically as “radical, revolutionary Russian politics” that, I may add, is for “all for nothing, nothing for all, all is nothing.” In the most extreme form, it is existentially correct. Otherwise: “we build upon that from previous generations, and we live our lives out from generation to generation. (Our destiny.)

While our goal is to make huge profits, ideally, on a consistent, sustainable basis, obscene profit has excess cash meant for work-to-be-done on a flex priority list.

Money gets taken off of top profits, assigned ownership by originator of the profit making and directed into green applied science and applied technology. Twenty years later 30 percent of stock goes back to originator as a “Ma Bell” and the remainder of the green economy stock is divided into “baby Bells” run by other private corporations–owned separately and independently, for competition reason.

Legal term “corporation” can legally be redefined for huge profits ideally, and halt ever-increasing profitmaking (astronomical profit) at the corporate level. Sustainable, big profits is the greed we need that will do least amount of destruction. And harbor in a sustainable future: 1.5°C. (or thereabouts).

Abraham Boulder

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