Soviet advantage and pitfalls: can Soviet yield quality of life or does it impede state or private function?

Soviet policy is lies, lies, lies.  Soviet planning can be advantageous to the state and beneficial to workers.

Businesses need a profit margin supporting state exercises.

Individually, Soviet is vacuous.  An impediment to personal growth.  Motivation of mass of workers and businessmen has limits with chemical stimulants.

Think less, act more correctly.  This is monitorization of group participation and existential results.

State needs occasionl recess and unconscious identification.  Government acts toward business and worker privatization favorably for room to maintain personal growth and personal habits. Mass population must not be, metaphorically, “critical mass in nuclear energy,” but variety in populous and efficaciousness in businesses’ profitmaking for state health and continuity and strength and Communist Party elite function.

The academy of sciences needs wide scope of the environs of laboratory behavior for scientific phenomenal behavior precision.  Businesses access to applied sciences for applied technology and material in/material out applications to generate profit for state and Communist party, and the president of both state and Communist party.

Sanitation services increase scientific rendering of human waste cleaning activities to prevent cholera and typhoid and other contagions.

Soviet does not do bottom line analysis with correct business statistics and economists’ econometrics.

What are its practical application?

The Soviet format is intellectual exercise in mental processes that does not have financial profit making, but has the advantage of separating worker and businessman in the private sector from government and higher-ups in business organizations for the worker and businessman to be a taskmaster to execute tasks away from the tyranny of high office in government and away from tyranny of the corporate office to allow personal, private Jeffersonian self-evident in group unconscious business of official power and official influence.

Define: tyranny.   A psyche economy deficit of negativity in whole consciousness.

Challenging psyche economy surplus and constructive efforts for quality of life issues, right-to-work homo sapiens identity, and personal time shade to relax, procreate, nourish with diet, and some stress-relief exercise.

Not to interfere with business relations, business correspondence and human relations in corporate culture for achieving business results. Something on people’s minds is the legal definition of corporate to make profit as necessarily sustainable.  That includes the next business prospect (after 9/10 the failure of business rate is accounted for) cost-of-living expenses and acquired wealth that avoids “obscene wealth acquisition.”

Whereas some have used neurochemicals to do their job amidst authoritarian power, and thereby be efficacious in employment, the Soviet is an intermediate between high office power in government and business, as well, for task masters performing profitably.

Criticism:  Too much power differential between top leader and the varieted populations.  Stalin is both menacing, gross, brutal genocide and impoverished economics.

Leader and advisors need access to varieted populations in practical import.

Leadership demands an “ear” on varieted population not for more power, but correct response to these varieted populations and effective leadership that accounts for their realities (foremost. the needs of these varieted needs, and, if possible wishes of the populations (same, yet differing populations. First, though, these populations’ needs.)”

Abraham Boulder, “Keven.”

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