existential wealth and neurohermeneutics

And essential wealth neurohermeneutics

“Winged” pistons where coke and pig iron make steel or chemical symbiosis that uses three elements and strengthens metal greater than ordinary steel.

Enter the exoplanet earthling. What’s out there, in the universe, is in here on Earth. The distances are Colosssus, but the physics is universal. Earth doesn’t stand alone.

And if God is the God of hosts, we owe it to Him to manage our affairs better and mature to adult in relations to our species, homo sapiens, the Earth’s ecology and exoplanets throughout the galaxy.

The hosts from other exoplanets give us moral support to mature from teen-agers to adults when it comes to not destroying this exoplanet, at least, with us on it.

Our existentiality matters for future, present, and past eternity.

They are constructive peer pressure.

Abraham Boulder

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